What job would you like to have other than your own?

In addition to being a cookery tutor I am also a qualified NLP Practitioner with a degree in Psychology. I would potentially pursue a career in Coaching for Learning and Development. Being a keen advocate for mindfulness, I do conduct cookery workshops for corporate events that integrate the art of cooking with the science of psychological well-being.

Greatest achievement?

Running my own cookery school. I was blessed to have learnt cooking from my personal masterchefs, my mother and grandmother. I still browse through my compilation of their handwritten recipes and cook up some our old favourites for family and friends. Having received several compliments on my cooking followed by requests to share my recipes and techniques, I gradually began teaching and I’ve never looked back.

I started teaching full time when my children reached high school as I was then able to devote time to my vision of starting my own cookery school. My children are now grown up and married with careers of their own. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

What makes you angry?

Unethical practices and inconsiderate behaviour

Biggest mistake?

I’m sure there have been many but I love the quote ’there is no failure but feedback’. Learn from it and move on.

What would make life complete?

Having a full-time administration and marketing team to take care of the operations so that I can solely focus on the delivery of the class. There’s an extraordinary amount of work that goes on behind the scenes from buying and packaging the ingredients to responding personally to email enquiries. I believe that it’s essential to put in that extra effort to provide exceptional service to those who have enrolled for a class.

Why do you make a difference?

The experiences I provide stay with my customers for years to come as do the skills they learn! My aim is to reinforce the drive to cook and eat healthy food together. What earlier was a regular part of one’s routine, cooking is now considered a laborious and unnecessary process thanks to ready meals and food delivery chains. I hope to change that mindset and make cooking fun again.