COMMUTERS travelling to work and arriving half an hour early last week might well have asked: ‘where has all the traffic gone?’ Well, it was the school half term. It is therefore safe to assume that schools play a major factor in congestion and pollution!

Take a quick look at school car parks with between 50 to 100 parked vehicles, multiply that by the number of schools and it’s easy to see why thousands of cars are hitting the roads at the same time. Would charging to park at schools, as happens at hospital staff car parks, deter car use?

Add to this the bus routes that don’t take people to where they want to go, for instance, the No 10 route from Poppleton to Stamford Bridge. How many people travel to and from these destinations when their destination is the city centre?

This scenario is repeated on many other routes.

We need a bus station! Get rid of the containers in Piccadilly and build one there.

Trevor Scott,

Boroughbridge Road, York