At last we have a general election, which is the only way the current political stalemate was ever going to be resolved. Stupidity, stubbornness and MPs’ outright fear of the voters meant the decision required two full days of parliamentary scrutiny rather than a simple motion which would have taken 20 minutes.

This demonstrates why one of the first things the next government must do is repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act. That Act rendered it impossible for anybody to send MPs back to the electorate for the first time since Cromwell had to chase them out at gunpoint.

A powerful body that only answers to itself should never be allowed to exist in this country again. Our legislature is supposed to be a Parliamentary democracy, not an appointed commission.

As for giving the vote to sixteen-year olds, most teenagers have never had a proper job or paid their own bills and are still prone to childish tantrums. They’re already grossly overrepresented in Parliament as it is, so no reform is needed.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York

I see a New Year rush of ex-MPs needing jobs

With a December General Election now imminent I can foresee lots of Parliamentary MPs looking for a new job come the New Year.

Bob Waite,

Holgate, York