More road closures equals more congestion, jams and fumes (Moves to stop rat run traffic, October 30). Councils and other bodies have the nerve to complain about the amount of traffic. But there isn’t any more traffic, it’s just that it has been forced into the same small areas.

We lived in The Groves in the 1970/80s when it was a lovely area. The rot set in when the City Hospital closed and the land was developed, then various roads were closed/made one way/blocked off ensuring that residents and commuters alike couldn’t easily get to where they needed to be.

That is not to say The Groves isn’t still a nice place to live, it’s the road system that is a nightmare.

Roads are not ‘rat-runs’. They are public highways which vehicle owners pay dearly to use. No wonder there is so much congestion in the city when so many roads are closed to drivers.

Janet Kitchen-Cooper,

Ashley Park Road, York