With regard to the article about buses (Bus boss says ‘sorry’ for poor service, November 1), why are only the poor services on the No 1, 6, and 12 routes mentioned, and not the poor service on the No 5?

The No 5 service must be one of the worst in York. You can wait at the Clarence Street bus stop for the bus to Strensall and along comes a No 1 then a No 6 but no No 5.

On Tuesday 29th, I was waiting for the 11.05 to Strensall. Looking at the electronic timetable it showed it would arrive at 11.04. Wrong, it never turned up - as it hadn’t the week before. You can tell when a bus is not going to turn up when it does not display the arrival time in minutes.

So while I was waiting for the next bus to turn up three No 1 buses came along and two of those were one after the other, also two No 6 buses.

On Sunday, October 27 my wife and I stood expecting the 12.25 from Meadowfields Drive into town to turn up. Guess what, it never came. This is the only bus on our route and there are only two an hour on a Sunday. It is a disgrace that you have to wait another half hour - if you are lucky - for the next bus.

These are just a few of the missed buses on the No 5 route: it would take too long to mention them all.

M J Hodgson,

Huntington, York