THREE members from a York Slimming World group have scooped Miss Slinky awards after beating their weight loss targets.

Sonia Udakis, Kelly Hudson and Lisa James, from the Acomb Methodist Church Slimming World group, have all received the award after over achieving their targets on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Group consultant, Lorraine Fawcett, said: “For each member it took courage to walk through the doors to embark on a journey with only a hope and a prayer that this could work for them.”

Sonia Udakis joined the group 51 weeks ago. She was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and suffered from high blood pressure before starting the Slimming World programme. Now, thanks to her efforts, Sonia has lost 7.5 stone, is no longer classed as a pre-diabetic and her blood pressure has returned to normal levels.

Lisa James, a committed mother, joined the group to make changes to her lifestyle. Since joining, she has lost 4.5 stone and has become a diamond member, meaning she has stayed at her target weight for 12 months.

Kelly Hudson, a full-time mother of three, joined the group in January 2019. After only 38 weeks she achieved her first personal achievement target. Since starting the programme, Kelly has lost 8.5 stone in just 41 weeks.

Lorraine went on to say: “These ladies would love to share their stories in a bid that if one person sees it and can relate to them, they hope this would give them courage to step through the doors of their local Slimming World group and start their very own journey to a healthier life.”

The Acomb Methodist Slimming World group meets at the church on Mondays between 9am-11am, Tuesdays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm.