FORMER York panto dame Berwick Kaler has made a fan’s day – for a second time.

Berwick invited Ben Greenheld to watch last week’s special show, ‘An Evening with Berwick Kaler,’ as his guest in a box at York Theatre Royal.

Ben, 31, of Tadcaster, who suffers from epilepsy, learning difficulties and autism, was thrilled and hugely enjoyed the evening, said his mother Karen. “We felt like Royalty,” she said.

The Press reported last December how Berwick had rushed to comfort Ben after he had suffered a seizure following one of the theatre’s pantomimes performances.

Ben had been going down to the foyer when the anxiety caused by descending the stairs caused him to collapse with ‘tonic clonic’ seizures. Berwick, who was in the foyer doing a photocall, saw what was happening and rushed over to help, along with fellow panto performer Suzy Cooper and theatre welcome manager Simone Dunn.

Berwick then invited Ben back to the theatre to meet him backstage before another show at a later date.

Karen said yesterday that Ben had subsequently written to Berwick to tell him how he was getting on, and Berwick had then rung to invite him to the sell-out ‘An evening with’ show, in which Berwick talked about his life and career to Look North presenter and pantomime guest star Harry Gration.

“Ben rarely goes places these days - he’s a bit like a prisoner in his own home - but Berwick rang me to ask us as his guests last week, in a box,” she said.

She said she carried out a ‘reccy’ of the box to see if Ben would be OK and, with reassurance from the theatre’s staff, decided it should be OK, and the evening went well.

“What a lovely, lovely night,” she said. “We were treated like Royalty and feel like Berwick’s part of the family.

“He’s a great guy. Ben’s bedroom’s like a shrine to him. He’s got all his past programmes, pictures and even a load of wagon wheels!”

All money raised from the evening – organised as part of the theatre’s 275th anniversary – went towards the Berwick Kaler Foundation, intended to ensure everyone can experience the magic of live theatre.