HUNDREDS of people from York converged on London to demand a People's Vote on any Brexit deal.

Nearly a thousand arrived in 17 chartered coaches from York, Harrogate, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Hull, Huddersfield and Barnsley, with many more travelling independently.

They gathered en masse in the capital, with the blue and white Yorkshire flags visible across the length of the march, while many gathered to watch a performance by the Yorkshire Remain Voice Choir and brass band, next to the Duke of York column.

Martin Brooks, chair of York for Europe, said “The will of the million people on this march along with the majority in the country as a whole is now to Remain in the EU.

"The country won’t stand by while the unelected PM and his government rely on an outdated view of the will of the people because it fulfils Johnson’s personal ambitions or the damaging ‘Brexit at any cost’ ideology of the present government. Democracy works both ways. It can make decisions and undo them. It’s time for a final say by current population not the one that voted nearly three and a half years ago."

Richard Sadler, chair of North Yorkshire for Europe said lots of people were commenting on the number of Yorkshire flags visible which he said showed that the UK region with the most distinct regional identity in England is at the forefront of the Remain movement.

Boris Johnson suffered a defeat in the Commons over his Brexit plans, although Cabinet minister Michael Gove insisted on Sunday that the UK would leave the EU by October 31 despite the Government asking Brussels for a delay. The Withdrawal Agreement Bill goes to the Commons in the coming days.

Labour said it will push for a new EU referendum when the Government brings its Brexit plans to the Commons.