I’ve got news for Councillor Waller (Plans to boost skilled well-paid jobs in York, October 14). The only way to boost well paid jobs is to embrace capitalism and stop disparaging firms that do well and make profits. Apart from ridiculous salaries in the BBC and public sector (funded by taxpayers) the only organisations capable of paying high remuneration are those private companies that make good healthy profits year on year.

But if those firms are hit all the time with ever increasing burdens by a national and local government that hates the idea of free enterprise they will never be in a position to pay the generous salaries that Councillor Waller and others like him somehow expect them to mysteriously provide.

With 40 years of business experience I can tell you that no company can pay out anything unless it has sufficient profits coming in to fund it.

Matthew Laverack,

Lord Mayors Walk, York

‘Tourism tax’ would soon be council cash cow

Whether the proposed ‘tourist tax’ is a good idea is for others to decide on (Hospitality boss calls for tax debate, October 16). But you can be sure that if it is introduced, at budget time City of York Council will view it as easy income and will annually increase it. It will hit tourism if our city gets a reputation for ‘fleecing’ visitors.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close, Dunnington, York