A SELBY author has organised a nationwide rap competition for primary school students to take part in and raise awareness of pollution.

Christina Gabbitas, founder of the Children's Literature Festival, has launched the National Rap Off for primary schools across the country.

Entrants to the competition will be in with a chance of winning £300 in book tokens for their school.

The aim is to recite a poem written by Christina titled 'Save Us From Plastic', but with a musical beat behind them and in a very different manner to normal poetry recital.

Christina said: "It's a great way to encourage children and raise their awareness on an increasing issue"

The author has been travelling around schools in the UK spreading the message of the poem and raising the issues of plastic pollution.

Christina was inspired to organise this national competition when she attended a school and some of the pupils began to rap her poem back to her. She said: "A group of children rapping along was very powerful, so imagine a whole school of 300+ children."

Entrants will be judged by a range of talent including bassist with The Undertones, Michael Bradley, poet and author Matt Goodfellow, poet Donovan Christopher a.k.a Rappaman and author of 'Get Your Boots On', Alex White.

Musician, Michael Bradley, said: "This is another brilliant positive project that I have been involved with that Christina has organised and a great way to help educate children on such an important topic."

In 2018 Christina launched her ‘Save Us’ story about a seal, sea turtle and whale that could help educate primary age children on the topic of plastic pollution. The 'Save Us From Plastic' poem followed this book.

If a school is wishing to enter the competition, teachers are encouraged to download and print the rap version of her poem by visiting: www.saveusfromplastic.com.

The 'Save Us' book is currently being showcased in the People’s Book Prize. Christina won the People’s Book Prize this year for her publication 'Share Some Secrets' that is now raising funds and awareness for Childline.