YORK needs practical projects to tackle climate change - as Government data revealed transport is one area that has seen CO2 emissions stay at the same level in the city.

A council meeting heard that carbon emissions have dropped since 2005 in industry and commercial sectors as well as from domestic sources like electricity and gas.

But pollution from roads fell by just a few per cent - and has actually increased in recent years from diesel railways and other transport.

Chair of the panel Cllr Christian Vassie said: “There are some areas where we have been performing quite well but others - like transport - where we have not really been doing anything at all over a 10 year period. So it helps to focus us on the challenge.”

Jacqui Warren, head of sustainability at West Yorkshire Combined Authority, called for practical steps to tackle climate change.

She said: “You should have some real practical projects in place.

“One of the most important things is trying to understand all the good things you are already doing and quantifying that.

“There is an opportunity here - not only from the environmental side - but for job opportunities, for productivity, and opportunities for growing our economy, as well as the health benefits, skills and jobs.”