TWO women are aiming to help others face the diet culture and body shaming issues by hosting an event to "empower and inspire" others to be themselves.

Frankie Hayes, 29, and Laura Tippet-Wilson, 25, from York, have set up a new group and are staging an 'Evening with Size You and York Mind', for people to come along and be accepted regardless of their shape, size, ability or mental health.

Size You was created by the pair after they connected over social media.

Laura, a personal stylist, said she often has plus size clients upset or not feeling confident in their fashion choices.

Frankie, meanwhile, is a self-confessed diet culture drop-out who previously ran slimming groups in the city and now vows to help people embrace who they are rather than thinking they have to change in order to be happy.

The duo will hold their first event tomorrow at Vodka Revolution in York, from 6pm-9pm, with all profits going to York Mind mental health charity.

The evening is set to host guest speakers, sharing their stories about their bodies and mental health, along with food and drinks. Laura and Frankie are keen to share their passion for body acceptance with other local people.

Frankie said: “For years I believed I wasn’t worthy of love, happiness or success because of how my body looked.

“However, when I realised I didn’t need to change one bit of myself in order to be happy, loved or successful, everything changed. I stopped feeling guilty around food and started to do all the things I had been putting off until I was thinner."

She added that her mental health had improved hugely after several years of "misery trying to be a lower weight and smaller dress size".

Laura added: “Frankie and I want people to know they can wear whatever they want, and be themselves.”

To find out more, visit an Evening with Size You & York Mind on Facebook.