A PENSIONER who attacked a teenager with a three-foot machete in his garden has been jailed.

Alpha Kalay, 73, had committed two other serious offences against the boy since they first encountered each other several years ago, York Crown Court heard.

The machete attack caused a serious injury to the boy’s hand which has yet to heal.

Judge Simon Hickey told Kalay: “There is no legitimate reason in this country I can see for using or having such a weapon.

“The jury clearly rejected your claim you were using it for gardening.”

The machete was sharp and three foot long, he said.

“It was used in a reckless action against a young boy," he added.

The teenager had been trying to defend himself when he was injured, said the judge.

Kalay, of Kellington Lane, Eggborough, a retired fireman and sailor, denied wounding and two other charges, but was convicted by a jury in August.

He was jailed for four and a half years.

For Kalay, Chris Smith said he had served his country in the Royal Navy for nine years before a long career as a firefighter, during which he had received a good conduct medal.

Kalay now had mobility and health problems.

He had been remanded in jail for four weeks since the guilty verdicts and had found prison life very difficult.

He had not been able to get all his medication behind bars. In particular, he had been unable to get a morphine-based painkiller.

His state of health may have exacerbated his frustration and anger and thereby led to the offences, said Mr Smith.

The jury heard from the victim and other witnesses about other encounters between the boy and Kalay.

Mr Smith said one witness had described an incident when Kalay had recently returned from hospital when the boy had apparently tried to attack Kalay.