I am aware that Dr Scott Marmion (Royal Family are out of touch, Letters, October 10) likes to impress readers with his knowledge of history. However, I take exception to his statement that the Queen ‘has let the Nation down’. On this occasion his knowledge is lacking.

There are groups of people in this country who cannot interfere with politics, show bias, exert influence on policy or dictate situations, join unions or political parties. At the head of this list is the Queen. She must be strictly neutral at all times. The police, the armed forces and some others are likewise constrained. These rules and practices are set in statute.

If the Queen took the actions Dr Marmion is advising her to do, anarchy would result. His way would surely lead to confrontation, destroy democracy and open the doors to even greater political problems.Yes, there are problems but do not blame the Queen, blame Westminster and the politicians.

Jim Dawson,

Crossmoor Lane, Haxby, York