A NORTH Yorkshire manufacturer is playing its part in a $4 billion project in the Middle East.

Cable clamps designed and manufactured by Ellis in Rillington have been used to secure electrical cables in Bahrain as part of work to enhance the middle eastern kingdom’s water and electricity networks.

The company produces innovative and often bespoke cable cleats and other products to meet the unique challenges of any site.

Ellis’ 2A Aluminium cable clamps and special compression springs were specified through Bahrain-based distributor, Amad Baeed Electrical WLL, by Korean cable specialist LS Cable & System.

Tony Conroy, Ellis’ sales director, said: “The scale of our export operation really does differentiate us from the majority of our competitors and this project shows exactly why – a UK-designed and manufactured product, sold to a Korean contractor and installed in Bahrain.

“At present we have distributors in 39 countries and actively export to more than 40, meaning that we can confidently state that whenever a major project comes to being specified our name will always be in the frame.”

The latest project aims to enable Bahrain to accommodate its growing population and support its economic progress.

It involves an upgrade of the main backbone transmission network to 400kV, with three main transmission substations being built in Hidd, Umm Al Hassam and Riffa.

Ellis’ 2A Aluminium cable clamps are manufactured from LM6 Aluminium and are available in sizes ranging from 38mm to 168mm.

Primarily used in transmission and distribution projects in unpolluted environments, they can also be supplied with an epoxy coating for use in harsher environments, and Neoprene liners for additional cable protection.

Amongst the key benefits of Bahrain’s 400kV upgrade is that it will raise the capability and reliability of the kingdom’s power network, and reduce the issues of the high short-circuit levels in various parts of the network to a safe level.

And when short-circuit faults do still occur, Ellis’ cable clamps will ensure the affected cables remain in place and that any supply downtime is kept to a minimum.

The Riffa substation where Ellis’ cleats are currently being installed is due to be in operations in 2020 or early 2021.