The introduction of the York Hospital Park & Ride Service, from Rawcliffe Bar, for staff, patients and hospital visitors, is very welcome - especially with the expansion of the hospital, which may make on-site parking even more difficult.

Can I make the following suggestions to improve this service, which may be used by the sick, elderly and many more with mobility issues.

The distance from the recommended parking area (which is the overspill car park) to reach the designated departure area is a challenge in itself for many and even more difficult with the onset of the darker nights, and the likeliood of snow and icy conditions.

Could consideration be given to moving the departure and drop off point from opposite the office block to within the overspill car park? If the barrier height is the problem, could the facility be provided with a stop just outside the overspill boundary?

With a little minor surgery it may take a little stress from the journey.

These improvements may encourage more use of the service, otherwise it may become a case of ‘if we don’t use it we will lose it’.

Ken Thorpe, Ebor Way, Upper Poppleton, York