CAMPAIGNERS have handed over a petition with around 370 signatures calling for 20mph speed limits to be rolled out in York city centre.

The petition was handed over yesterday by Anna Semlyen, chair of the 20’s Plenty group, to Councillor Fiona Fitzpatrick, City of York Council's representative for Guildhall Ward.

The 20’s Plenty campaign wants to see 20mph roads in central York to improve road safety and to boost the council’s commitment to climate action.

The areas suggested in the petition include central bridges, the inner ring road, station access, air quality zones, all schools and the Guildhall ward.

Anna, a former York councillor, said: “Residents of and people visiting York need to feel safe when travelling around the city. We need to be able to advertise ourselves as a safe city.

“The time is now to tackle road safety problems in the city centre as this is where the most cyclists and pedestrians are located.”

Anna chose to hand over the petition yesterday to coincide with the Extinction Rebellion protests taking place over the next fortnight. She said: “Not only will slower roads improve safety, but it will result in a less polluted city as fuel usage will decrease.”

The petition also suggested that introducing 20mph zones in the city centre may encourage more residents to walk or cycle when travelling around city - as they may feel safer doing so.

Anna said she is keen to improve road safety in the city as road accidents are “avoidable, preventable risks,” if slower speed limits are implemented on roads.

She added that the petition did not call for speed humps, as they could lead to further pollution.

James Gilchrist, assistant director of transport, highways and environment at the council, said: “We can see that a lot of work and time has gone into this petition.

"It will of course be fully reviewed, as is the normal process, at a public meeting.

“Once we receive petitions, they are processed by the relevant team, in this case the transport team and then added onto the council’s forward plan for consideration at an agreed date.”

Councillor Fitzpatrick said: “I’m happy to present this petition as it will make Guildhall a better place to be.

“The Labour Group support wider use of 20mph limits for a safer, cleaner York.”

The 20’s Plenty group began in 2008 and has campaigned for changes in speed limits through petitions, public meetings, speaking at council meetings and letters to the Press.

Anna added that she was motivated into the campaign after being involved in a road accident herself.