A MAN’S attempted revenge on a knifepoint robber ended with him attacking an innocent man in front of his small children, York Crown Court heard.

Stephen Andrew Scott, 33, armed himself with a wheel brace and told the victim: You left your blood all over my house, said Nick Adlington, prosecuting at York Crown Court.

But the victim was totally innocent and had nothing to do with the burglary during which the intruder had held Scott’s partner at knifepoint in her own bed and demanded money.

Scott had run up behind the victim as he was walking home with his fiancee and their two preschool-age children during the school run on April 11.

“If ever there was an object lesson why people should not take the law into their own hands, it is this,” Judge Sean Morris said. “You decided to exact revenge. The trouble is you got the wrong person.”

Scott, of High Street, West Heslerton, near Malton, pleaded guilty to carrying an offensive weapon and affray.

He was jailed for 12 months.

For him, Graham Parkin said he had been at work when the robber broke into his house and demanded money from his partner.

Social media named the attack victim as the burglar. Police said they would investigate and armed officers warned Scott not to go looking for the “burglar”. But Scott got into a car and went out looking for him with his partner at the wheel. When they saw the victim, Scott got out and attacked him.

The victim, who did not attend court to give evidence against Scott, was injured. Afterwards, CCTV showed him gesturing to Scott as though he was saying “What was all that about?”

He has been on remand in jail since his arrest in April.