MEMBERS from eight law firms met at a birds of prey centre to meet its inhabitants as part of a charity day.

The event at the York Birds of Prey Centre was hosted by the Wilberforce Trust, launching its new 'Legacy Pack'.

The Trust helps the people of York suffering with sight loss by offering various means of support including accommodation, daily skills training, a specialised community centre and visual awareness training.

Jane Carter, head of development at the Wilberforce Trust, said: "Not everyone is sure which cause to support so we believe that by inviting law firms to hold copies of our legacy booklet on file, we could be one of the options considered."

The members of the different law firms were introduced to the selection of birds of prey living at the centre including breeds of hawk, owl, vulture and eagle.

They were then offered the chance to get up close and personal with the birds and were give the opportunity to hold them.