I AM sure that I echo the thoughts of many avid environmentalists when I say that it is so extremely unacceptable that firms are irresponsibly standing by while the beautiful Amazon goes up in flames so that more land can be used to sell cattle and soya for profit.

Amazon rainforests are literally the lungs of the planet. If they are turned into the world’s largest cattle ranch and soya farm, it will cause more irreversible damage to our already fragile planet.

The world’s biggest food brands have the power and influence to take a stand against the relentless greed of the Brazilian Government.

What in God’s merciful name are they waiting for?

In the heart-felt words of Raoni Metukire, chief of the Native Brazilian Kayapo people: “We all breathe this one air, we all drink the same water. We live on this one planet.

“We need to protect the Earth. If we don’t, the big winds will come and destroy the forest.

“Then you will feel the fear that we feel.”

In short, either we have the total courage of our convictions or everything that we know and care about will be lost.

Aled Jones,

Southcliffe Road,