I HEARD on local radio that City of York Council is looking for volunteers to do some weeding where weeds are taking over footpaths. Last week, I heard the council asking for volunteers to help clear up leaves as they were clogging up drains, creating slippery areas on footpaths. A few weeks ago they were appealing for snow wardens.

What is going on? The council is not a registered charity. Surely the ‘volunteers’ it is asking for should be paid for the work they will be doing? I am sure that years ago all of those jobs the council is now now asking for volunteers to cover were paid. If the council cannot afford to pay these workers all year around then why not consider employing ‘seasonal workers’? I am sure that there would be plenty of willing folks who would love to earn some extra money, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Volunteers are needed for charities and small organisations or groups that don’t have the option of employing people as they have very little money. City of York Council does not fall into this category – or does it?

Dee Boyle,

Howard Link,

Rawcliffe, York