In the first of our latest series of Meet the Boss features, we catch up with Liz Murdie, co-founder of York’s new financial services company MAPIO Financial Services in King’s Square which provides advice on mortgage and insurance protection

What job would you like to have other than your own?

I can’t imagine not working in some capacity or other, so perhaps when my son Thomas has left home, I would love to run a small hotel on the west coast of Scotland. Although I’m originally from Leeds, my surname is a traditional Scots surname so there may be a subconscious pull to the homeland and running a small hotel would fit the bill. Apart from the beautiful location, it’d be the steady flow of guests that would appeal.

Greatest achievement?

I could add that my career or launching the new business is top of the list, but to be honest my seven-year-old Thomas is my greatest achievement. In that capacity, I’m an achiever daily!

What makes you most angry?

Not facing up to reality is a bug bear for me. It’s a major part of our business and something I’d like to change. The last decade in the world of economics has proved that being prepared, especially financially, is key to a happy and prosperous future, so if you can protect yourself, then why not do just that. It’s so achievable that I’m constantly amazed that people allow themselves to be at risk.

Biggest mistake?

I honestly can’t think of a major mistake that I’ve regretted It’s worse to regret something you haven’t done. Sometimes I overstretch myself outside of work and commit my time beyond what I’d like. I find it tricky to say no and can get myself into projects that require that time commitment.

What would make life complete?

Apart from the potential of a west coast hotel in Scotland, which I hope would miraculously run itself, my life is already complete. I have health, a loving husband Steve, a great son Thomas, and a circle of good friends. If my favourite holiday destination in Scotland was a tad nearer, that would be even better.

Why do you make a difference?

I care about people and their future. No one is a number, and whether my customers are new or existing, I’ve often been with them on their financial journey. I am lucky enough to know generations of people from the same family with whom I’ve worked for a number of years. I’d like to think I’ve made a difference to them, whether that’s at moments of joy or crisis – and given them peace of mind in the meantime.


‘She did well by people’

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