THE Yorkshire food and drink sector is growing extremely fast and with a large number of clients covering all areas within the sector we are often asked about how SMEs and emerging businesses can develop within such a competitive field.

When it comes to smaller businesses, a great way to gain momentum and gather informed advice is to network.

Whilst fiercely competitive the regional food and drink sector is also, by nature, closely knit and supportive.

Networking with other like-minded business people and entrepreneurs is a great way to build contacts, gather information, learn from the experience of others and increase your own confidence within the marketplace.

Of course, networking is not solely for new or young businesses – businesses with a national or international brand awareness must continue to network to make sure they don’t miss out on opportunities and partnerships.

More and more joint ventures between large conglomerates and small artisan producers are popping up across the UK, highlighting the consumers’ desire to “do good” and keep “local” whilst also having a genuine need to be able to afford this at a cost only larger businesses can allow for.

But as smaller, localised businesses band together in their efforts, more and more it is necessary for the corporate brands to maintain relationships and look for new areas of expansion and development.

It is essential to network to remain visible and relevant and to keep up with trends from a grass roots level up.

Our third annual Garbutt + Elliott Food + Drink Business Awards and the new networking group being set up with it, provide the perfect platform.

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