My mother uses the bus service in and around York and always has a current timetable for all First York services, so on hearing there was a new timetable for the number 11 bus, she went to York Railway Station to collect one. However, she was told these are now only available online.

She is definitely not a silver surfer and has no desire to become one, and I suspect she is not alone in her generation. She was told by the assistant that they would print her one at a cost of 60p (15p per sheet). Mum declined and went first to the Tourist Information office, getting the same reply, and finally the Central Library where a very helpful lady printed off a new timetable at no cost.

My mother knows that I am always there to help with this new-fangled internet world, but for many elderly people, buses are their main form of transport and they may not have access to a computer, or more likely, haven’t got a clue how it works.

Please can First York reconsider not printing tangible bus timetables and not discriminate against their main customers?

Chris Higgins,