A DRIVER who lied to police after a road rage incident has been jailed for nine months.

Kristian John Franks, 29, tail-gated another motorist, revving his engine, until the driver stopped to ask him why he was doing that, Rob Galley, prosecuting, told York Crown Court.

Franks told him: “I can drive however I want, I don’t have insurance,” and that he could get another car for £30 if he crashed.

At one point during the incident, Franks got a tool out of his car, making the other driver get out a wrench to protect himself.

When police investigating the incident tracked Franks down via his car’s registered keeper and sent him an official form, he falsely claimed he wasn’t the driver responsible because he had sold the car to a man from Malton before the incident .

Franks, of Healey Grove, off Malton Road, York, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice, careless driving and driving without insurance.

He was jailed for nine months and banned from driving for 16 months and two weeks.

“What you did .... requires a prison sentence,” Judge Sean Morris told him.

“If everyone who was sent one of these forms behaved like you, the whole system would break down.”

Franks has a long criminal history, but the judge said he had been reducing his offending in recent years.

Defence solicitor advocate Neal Kutte said Franks apologised.

“This was a moment of foolishness,” the lawyer said.