While it is welcome to see major NHS investment planned in York Hospital for the growing population of older people needing cardio-vascular procedures (Hospital extension to cost £10 million, October 3), given the inevitable significant flows of patients to this new facility I think we need clarification on the following:

1. Given the existing traffic/parking congestion is this the best location to spend £10 to £14 million?

2. The proposal shows the new four-storey building being built on to a very small limited site with no future room for expansion. This is major drawback.

3. Often cardio patients need to get to hospital very quickly. Would it be better in the long term interests to seek a new development site, as the existing hospital site is heavily restricted?

4. Given the high investment costs of cardio equipment it would be advisable to make York a Centre of Excellence and reduce the number of patients travelling through to St James’ Hospital in Leeds.

In summary, would it be more beneficial to bite the bullet and launch a new ten-year development plan for York Hospital and gradually migrate new facilities on to a much bigger operational site - a regional hospital centre of high-tech medical treatment - rather than go for this quick fix proposal submitted for planning approval but with serious future limitations?

Malcolm I Joyce,

Valley Bridge Parade,