COMPLAINTS about taxis in York will be discussed by councillors.

There were 292 complaints made between January 1 and August 31.

A document prepared for City of York Council’s licensing and regulatory committee meeting on Wednesday says the majority of reports are about the way vehicles are parked, driving standards and problems with plates or signage.

It adds that 61 per cent of the complaints are about out of town drivers, rather than taxis registered in York.

The report says: “Some 152 of the 178 complaints are from York licensed drivers.

“However, this may be expected as we have been actively encouraging the trade to report matters of concern to public protection rather than take matters into their own hands.

“There were 114 complaints about York licensed drivers. Some 31 of those 114 complainants are known to be from the local trade.

“A proportionate response is taken in respect of all complaints dealt with by City of York Council’s officers, as required by our enforcement policy.

“The vast majority of issues are dealt with by way of written warning/advice.”

The meeting takes place at West Offices on Wednesday at 5.30pm.

Anyone with concerns about taxis in York should email