COUNCILLORS will hear an update on the temporary cover for City of York Council’s chief executive, who is off on long term sick leave.

The deputy chief executive, Ian Floyd, has been covering the role since June.

A report prepared for a meeting on Monday says senior councillors agreed to review the arrangement if the chief executive, Mary Weastell, had not yet returned to work.

It says: “The chief executive remains unwell to attend work, however the council need to continue to carry out its full functions and the chief executive role is key, as head of paid service, in ensuring the delivery of the council’s functions and in moving the council forward.

“There is currently no known end date for the absence.”

Councillors are recommended to continue with the current arrangement - with Mr Floyd serving as temporary head of paid service and the deputy officer taking over temporarily as the section 151 officer - at a cost of £3,098 a month.

They will also be asked to approve plans for the arrangement to be reviewed again in January if the chief executive remains absent.