YORK is a historic city - but it is a changing city too.

Its landscape alters with every new building and development.

At the moment, that is happening with rapid speed in the Hungate and Stonebow areas. Today we've collected a selection of images that show this part of the city centre and how it has changed.

Our earliest photo today dates from the 1940s and is a view from Parliament Street to Pavement which no longer exists because of demolition. On the left of the frame are the George Hotel and Geoffrey's Photographers, which were demolished in the 1950s to clear the area for the creation of Stonebow. You can still recognise the double gabled timber framed shop which was Thomas Herbert's house and has been occupied by many businesses since, including Curry's Cycle and TV shop, Clark's Shoes, Jones' the Bootmakers and currently York Gin.

Two photos from the mid 1950s also show York before Stonebow. The first dates from 1953-1955 and is of Whip-ma-Whop-ma-Gate with Colliergate on the left before construction of Stonebow. The second, from August 1955, shows work underway for the completion of the new road being built to connect Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma Gate with Peasholme Green, York – to be known as Stonebow.

The name of the street comes from an old medieval street on the same site, called Le Stainbowe or Stonebow Lane.

Stonebow was opened on October 14, 1955. It was part of a slum clearance programme and featured many new buildings, many made of concrete, which struck an off note with many who sought to preserve York's historic character. No building was perhaps as controversial as Stonebow House, which was completed almost a decade later in 1964 at the cost of £200,000. The development was described by David Wark in the Guardian as “hideous” and by Ian Nairn in the Observer in 1965 as “sheer visual misery to the passer-by”.

However, it remained a rare example of 60s architecture in the city right through to 2018 when it was redeveloped – but even then its distinctive frame was maintained, merely given a new look for the 21st century by use of modern glass and other materials.

Other new builds in the area in recent years have included the Hiscox building and Moxy hotel.

As the Hungate development continues apace, we can expect to see the face of Stonebow changing for many years to come.

Maxine Gordon