Dawkins and God, a bothersome boy, a very colourful dreamcoat, Banjo’s dancers, a new Harrogate play, a bloodthirsty plant, comedy from Josh and Pie and Lulu at 70 are diary dates for CHARLES HUTCHINSON

Thank God, there’s something other than Brexit to discuss…

Richard Dawkins: An Argument For Atheism, at York Theatre Royal, Monday, 7.30pm

AT this Pengiuin Live event, scientist and author Richard Dawkins will ask: “Should we believe in God? Do we need God in order to explain the existence of the universe? Do we need God in order to be good?”

Dawkins will be launching his new book, Outgrowing God, and each ticket purchase includes a discounted copy as he “helps us to rethink the Big Questions and challenges us all, young and old, to understand how our world came into being”.

Children’s play of the week

The Boy Who Cried Wolf, York Theatre Royal, Studio, until October 12

ADAPTED from Aesop’s fable by York playwright Mike Kenny for Leeds children’s theatre company Tutti Frutti and York Theatre Royal, this beautiful, warming wintery tale brings together a bother of a boy, a mithered mother and a grand old brass band of a granddad. Performed by Wendy Harris’s actor-musicians, the show is set in a village of knitters with fingers flicking and needles clicking.

Musical return of the week

Joseph And The Technicolor The Technicolor Dreamcoat, Grand Opera House, York, Tuesday to Saturday

BILL Kenwright’s joyous production of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s early musical returns to York, this time with new dance moves by Thriller Live and Heathers choreographer Gary Lloyd and Union J’s Jaymi Hensley in the coveted lead role.

The biblical story of Joseph and his 11 brothers is re-told through such songs as Go, Go, Go Joseph, Any Dream Will Do, Jacob And Sons and Close Every Door To Me.

Dance show of the week

Diversity, York Barbican, Tuesday, 7.30pm

ASHLEY Banjo’s dance troupe Diversity mark the tenth anniversary of beating Scottish singer Susan Boyle to win the third series of Britain’s Got Talent on their Born Ready autumn tour.

Creator Banjo says: “Since we won, we have continued to innovate, grow and achieve things that most said were impossible. Born Ready will not only celebrate this and look back at some of the iconic Diversity moments over the past ten years, but it will also look forward to the future, at how Diversity continues to evolve and how we plan to pass what we’ve created on to the next generation.”

Yorkshire’s Thelma And Louise premiere of the week

Connection, Harrogate Studio Theatre, Tuesday to Saturday, 7.45pm

HARROGATE playwright and actress Rachel Halliwell premieres her debut full-length play in a co-production with Harrogate Theatre, where she is an associate artist.

In this “Yorkshire Thelma And Louise” adventure, two strangers meet in the A&E waiting room of Harrogate District Hospital and embark on a life-changing 24-hour road trip as the unlikely pairing seek to escape their demons. Elaine needs to take a trip to Scarborough to say goodbye to a friend; Catherine (played by Halliwell) is going to ruin someone’s life if she stays.

“Connection tackles legacy, the role of carers – professional and familial – mental health and how we all need to ask for a bit of help at times,” says Halliwell.

Plant of the week

Bite My Thumb in Little Shop Of Horrors, Joseph Rowntree Theatre, York, Wednesday to Saturday

HOWARD Ashman and Alan Menken’s spoof shock-horror musical with a taste for B movies and human blood has devoured the hearts of theatre audiences for more than 30 years.

Now, Bite My Thumb, Gravitas Entertainment and Cutting Edge combine to bring a bold new version to the stage as florist shop assistant Seymour runs into bother with bloodthirsty plant Audrey II.

Josher of the week

Josh Widdicombe, Bit Much…, York Barbican, Thursday, 8pm

JOSH Widdicombe reckons his new stand-up show will change your life and how you perceive your place in the world. “Bit much?,” he asks. Fine, but he does promise a night of grumbles and jokes wherein the Josh sitcom star and ubiquitous TV panellist finally tackles the hot comedy topics of advent calendars, pesto and the closing time of his local park.

What a load of Cobblers….

An Evening With Keston Cobblers Club, Pocklington Arts Centre, Thursday, 8pm

KESTON Cobblers Club celebrates ten years of making rambunctious, instrument-switching, indie-folk music with a show of two halves and no support act, playing all of their favourites in chronological order with a few surprises en route.

News just in….

Jonathan Pie: The Fake News Tour, York Barbican, Friday, 7.30pm

AFTER letting off both barrels on his Back To The Studio Tour in February 2018, frustrated news reporter Jonathan Pie is back, positing the thought that if no news is good news, then good news is fake news, as he berates the people in power and the journalists apparently holding them to account. The ever-scathing show is penned by Tom Walker – the face of Pie – and writing partner Andrew Doyle.

Nostalgic gig of the week

Lulu: On Fire, York Barbican, Saturday, 7.30pm

NOW 70, Scottish singer Lulu is still On Fire as she casts an eye over a pop story stretching back to 1964, when she announced her arrival at 15 with Shout. This new show takes a journey through her music with a four-piece band and LED screen showing family and career-defining moments.