NO-deal Brexit preparations for York are set to be discussed by senior councillors.

But one councillor has said there needs to be more information about what will happen if there are shortages of food or medicine - risks detailed in leaked Government reports.

The Liberal Democrat and Green Party-led City of York Council executive will hear about work taking place to get the city ready for Britain’s exit from the EU on October 31.

The report says there have been numerous meetings and support has been offered to residents who need help with applying for settled status - but it invites councillors to suggest other things the local authority could be doing.

It says: “A consensus emerged that York was relatively well insulated from the known, immediate challenges, notwithstanding the notable impacts of a no-deal Brexit which are documented in Government reports."

“It was felt that the council was relatively well insulated from the more serious threats caused by Brexit.”

About £10,000 has been spent through Citizens' Advice to help residents applying for settlement and a further £100,000 will be spent on supporting minority communities affected by Brexit.

Cllr Katie Lomas, speaking about the report at an audit and governance meeting, said: “I thought it was a really good assessment of the impact on those individuals whose status might change as a result of us leaving the EU.

“But what it didn’t take into account was the things that we’ve read about in the publication of Government documents around the impact of a no-deal Brexit - in particular on prices of essential items such as food and medicines and the impact in terms of the potential for people to respond in a way that they might not normally behave - so leading to riots, civil unrest, protests.”

“Reading this you would think that we only really care about those people whose status as a citizen might change as a result of Brexit and I don’t want the appearance to be that that’s the only kind of consideration that we’re giving to what could end up being quite a difficult situation.

“It may be that leaving the EU is far less painful than we anticipate and that would be great - but I think it would be remiss of us not to include [the potential impact on food and medicine supplies and protests] in our risk assessment.

“You don’t have to look too hard to find people who are already struggling to feed themselves and their families, so small price rises in terms of food would have a devastating impact on them.”

A council spokesman said a wide range of risks are being considered as part of the Local Resilience Forum.

They said: “The Government’s documents relate to the risks identified nationally posed by Brexit.

“Through the Local Resilience Forum, of which the City of York Council is a member, consideration is given to a wide-range of risks, such as these, ensuring stakeholders across the city are as prepared as possible.

“We continue to work with residents, communities and businesses across the city to identify and mitigate any risks locally. Given the scale and uncertainty caused by Brexit; the council has also sought to invest in a new communities officer, who will prioritise supporting EU nationals in the city.”

Council leader Keith Aspden said: “With Parliament suspended, despite the numerous legal challenges, including from a former Conservative Prime Minister; the continuing disarray at Westminster and the growing possibility of a no-deal Brexit is of great concern to York and our region.

“The council continues to work with a variety of stakeholders across the city to prepare for a no-deal Brexit, as they are rightly concerned with the negative impacts it will cause.

“But with little support and clarity from the Government, these preparations are placing undue pressure on local authorities.

“Whilst we will continue to do what we can to prepare for the impact of Brexit, including protecting jobs and the local economy, it is important that all parties do what they can to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

“The Liberal Democrats are clear; we are the party for remain and we will continue to oppose the Government’s disastrous Brexit strategy.”