AN ACTOR from York is playing the leading role in a new BBC television show.

Donna Preston, 33 originally from York, is staring in a new BBC Three show which was televised earlier this week but is now available on Iplayer.

Donna, who attended York College to study Performing Arts, before going on to study at Drama School, is staring as Vanessa, alongside her friend Verona Rose, 34, who plays Demi, in the show Fully Blown.

The show follows two best mates rise above their boring, sometimes painful lives by creating superstar rap personas - Starz and Gap C. These Southampton girls know you’ve gotta fake it ‘til you make it - and then fake it some more. But will their success ever catch up with their ambition?

The show is produced by Studio71UK for BBC Three, however, it was written by both Donna Preston and Verona Rose as well as Sarah Morgan, and is directed by Ella Jones.

Donna said that the show took them three years to create, and after producing six pilot episodes for the BBC to judge, it was commissioned.

She said: “I came out of drama school at the height of the credit crunch, so there wasn’t a lot of work around at the time.

“We decided to start writing and fell in love with these two characters.

“It is set in Southampton because in recent years, popular rappers such as Stormzy and Craig David both started their careers there.”

The show is available on both Youtube and the BBC.