HUNDREDS of people took to the streets of York to call for more action on climate change.

People held a rally in St Helen’s Square from 11am today (Friday) as part of a global event in which protesters were making their voices heard over the apparent lack of work being done in combatting the climate crisis.

People of all ages - including school pupils on 'strike' - were demonstrating with placards, while speakers highlighted the problems and how people can take further direct action to combat them.

York Young Greens co-chair Chloe Wilcox, who was involved in organising the climate strike, said: “It’s vital we get as many people of all ages attending the strike as possible.

"We need to create systemic change to prevent a runaway climate catastrophe and we can only do that by getting out onto the streets and making our voices heard.”

Speakers yesterday included councillors from City of York Council.

An open mic opportunity was staged later in the afternoon - allowing all strikers to make their voices heard.

Local bands also performed at the protest and there were stalls from a variety of environmental charities.

A people’s assembly addressed the question: "How can we make the climate movement more inclusive?"

Rose Drew, 58, from York, was at the event and said: “We have been campaigning on this severity of climate change since the '70s and finally now people are, collectively, realising that something needs to be done on an issue as monumental as this.

“We hope that the British government and others around the world will take notice.”

Crowds will also be in York city centre on Saturday for a climate march.