SELF-harm remains an issue - for people of all ages - in York.

A higher number of people aged 10 to 24 are hospitalised for self-harm than in other parts of the country, according to a council report.

But Tim Madgwick, chair of the mental health partnership, told a City of York Council meeting that it is not just young people who are affected.

He said: “Self-harm issues have been a really high priority.

“We’ve had excellent support in relation to trying to get underneath the figures, particularly for young people.

“Self-harm and people presenting at York Hospital with those issues is out of kilter for a city with the background of York.

“There’s some significant concerns so it’s not just young people - self-harm is an all age issue and there is ongoing work.

“I will not let that go until we have an answer in relation to why and then what is the plan to try to address that.”

A report said many people are also unsure how to support young people who self harm, despite its prevalence.

Mr Madgwick added that many who self-harm may have long-term problems that cannot suddenly be reversed, but that he would update the council’s health and wellbeing board at a future meting on the work being done to help people who self-harm.

Dr Andrew Lee, executive director for primary care at Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said he has also spoken to GPs about the emotional strain they suffer from looking after young people who are self harming.

He added: “It’s about how do we as a society create a much more supportive environment.”