TWO York-based musicians have both beaten obstacles in their lives to go on to produce their own records.

Neil Card, 35, and Jonny Mottram, 22, started out at Tang Hall SMART by attending their musical sessions.

Neil, who formerly suffered from alcohol and drug addictions, began attending the sessions in 2015, after managing director, Sue Williamson, and her team came into the hostel he was living in.

He said: "Coming into Tang Hall SMART really turned my life around.

"I was homeless at one stage and was in and out of hospital due to drug problems.

"The sessions at the centre gave me the confidence to properly pursue my dream of a career in music."

Neil has now stayed clean of alcohol and drugs for almost two and a half years and is a full time employee at Tang Hall SMART, where he teaches the musical sessions and produces music in their studio.

He has also released four albums, with varied genres, written and produced himself under the name 'D.Ni.L'.

To listen to Neil's music, visit:

Jonny, a.k.a 'Jonny The Wolf', has been rapping for five years now.

Jonny has down's syndrome and was one of the first attendees at Tang Hall SMART when it started in 2014.

He works for the centre on a Friday where he acts as a host to help people attending the sessions.

Jonny said: "I love it a lot coming here and being with all my 'homies'."

When asked about Jonny's help at the centre, Sue said: "We absolutely love Jonny coming in to work with us, he's always happy and looking to help everyone."

Before attending SMART sessions, Jonny went to Applefields School in York.

Jonny, based in Raskelf, North Yorkshire, has released an album titled 'Jonny The Wolf' which he produced alongside Neil at the centre.

To listen to Jonny's music, visit:

Both Neil and Jonny are looking to release more music in the future and work together every Friday in the studio to produce their songs.

They have both performed live at a number of regular events held by Tang Hall SMART.

Sue has described both Neil and Jonny as "inspirational" due to what they have overcome in life to achieve their goals.

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