RESIDENTS on Teesside have hit out at York council’s plans to crackdown on hen and stag disorder in the city - in the belief that they are being blamed.

But City of York Council said its clampdown was not directed at Teessiders.

The Teesside Live newspaper website published a story on Sunday under the headline "York declares war on rowdy Teessiders flocking to hen and stag parties in ancient city".

Readers on the site commented that "upper-class hooray henries can be just as bad" and that "York should be grateful that they pay their hard-earned cash in the city".

Last week, The Press reported that council leader Cllr Keith Aspden will put forward proposals to make the city centre safer and reduce anti-social behaviour.

The decision is part of a new bid for Purple Flag status - an award that means the town or city is a good place to go for a night out, with clean and safe venues, great bars and clubs and a range of arts and cultural attractions with excellent transport links.

But annoyed Teesside Live readers hit back at York’s hen and stag do clampdown, claiming it’s not fair to pin all the blame on Teessiders.

One person compared York to Yarm - a town on Teesside known for its 'vibrant' nightlife, writing: “York has become the new Yarm for the lager top drinking chavs."

Another said: "To suggest that all the rowdies are coming from Teesside without proof is a joke." Another reader suggested that York-dwellers are just as bad, adding: “I travelled home from Manchester airport and there were five large groups from York”.

The backlash comes after Teesside Live published comments from former York councillor, Tony Richardson, who said in 2018 that more could be done to "alleviate bad karma” caused in the city by Teessiders.

York council declined to comment but made it clear that the crackdown is not directed at Teesside residents and that Mr Richardson’s comments do not reflect its views.