POLICE are investigating after a 79-year-old man was burgled four times in less than five months.

North Yorkshire Police said a man went into the elderly man’s house in Turnham Lane in Cliffe, Selby, while he was asleep upstairs at 12.27am on September 16.

CCTV footage shows a man searching through the victim’s belongings and trying to cover up the cameras before leaving with the victim’s Apeman wildlife digital camera and two Blink home security cameras.

This was the fourth time in five months the elderly man has been burgled.

Investigating Officer PC Tony Morton, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “It is absolutely appalling that this vulnerable elderly man has been targeted in his home four times since April this year.

"There were two burglaries as recently as August, where on both occasions the suspect has used the ATM at Sainsbury’s in Selby to take out cash from the victim’s account.

“The victim is a 79-year old man who lives on his own. He is partially deaf and throughout this latest burglary, he was asleep upstairs."

If you have any information that could assist the investigation contact the force on 101.

A man has been arrested in connection with the investigation. He is currently assisting police with their inquiries.