A FANTASIST who for months stalked a woman he didn’t know after creating an "alternative reality" has been warned he could be jailed.

Alan James Fagan, 46, “bombarded” the victim with letters, cards, emails and messages via Facebook from February 1 to June 8 this year, district judge Adrian Lower told York Magistrates' Court.

His “campaign” only came to an end when he told her he would travel to her home with flowers, chocolate and a note.

She told police, the second time she had reported him to the force, and he was arrested.

Fagan, of Bishopgate Street, central York, denied stalking but was convicted at trial. The woman lives and works in West Yorkshire.

After hearing both Fagan and the woman give evidence, district judge Adrian Lower said Fagan had constructed an “alternative reality” claiming a mutual acquaintance and a fictitious background in which the pair had known each other through dating apps between 2004 and 2007.

“(The victim) was very clear she didn’t know Fagan, she has never known Fagan and she has never known in any capacity anyone by the name of Fagan,” said the judge.

She had also said she hadn’t used the dating apps.

Fagan had convinced himself that the “fantasy” he had constructed was real.

“He may have a mental disorder which has led to him constructing the fabrication of lies,” said the district judge.

He adjourned sentence until October 24 so that a psychiatric report can be prepared.

“If there is a diagnosis, perhaps one that previously had not been made, that may explain some of your bizarre behaviour towards (the victim) in recent months,” he told Fagan.

Defence solicitor Harry Bayman said Fagan didn’t believe he had any mental health problem, but would co-operate with the making of probation and psychiatric reports.

The judge warned Fagan: “I have not excluded the possibility you could go to custody on October 24. You must prepare yourself for that possibility.”

Fagan, who has no previous convictions, was released on bail with conditions not to contact the woman or go to her home or place of work.