The public could vote on Brexit within months in a General Election or referendum, York Central MP Rachael Maskell has said.

She was speaking at the first of a series of meetings she has organised to brief her constituents about her recent visit to the European Commission and European Parliament.

She also warned that if Britain applied to rejoin the EU after Brexit, it would be on different terms than it currently has, including having to join the Euro and Schengen free movement area.

Asked her view of what would happen in the next few months, she said the priority was to stop a no-deal Brexit.

An emergency summit of EU leaders between October 20 and October 31 to consider extending Brexit was possible, she said.

That could be followed by a vote of confidence in the UK Parliament that could result in a November or December "Brexit" general election.

Any "national" Government formed would concentrate on a new referendum, she said, which could be set up by the Spring.

"We are looking at a democratic end to Brexit," she said.

As well as reporting back, she canvassed views from the 25 or so people who attended the "People's Parliament" at the Friends Meeting House in Friargate.

Constituents raised concerns about the way the previous referendum had been set up and run, the Remain and Leave campaigns and how much the general public knew about the way the European Union works and how it benefits member countries and their populations.