For some time I have known of the weekly £6 TV Licence payment plan. It recently came to my attention again that the weekly fee pays for more than two years payments, presently £154.50, it was also this fee way back in 2009.

This raised the question of does someone who pays weekly get a licence for one year or two, which the £312 would presently cover. If this only covers a one-year licence then another question needs to be asked. What is the interest rate on the weekly plan? TV Licensing does not give this information on its site.

If there is no APR then the BBC are stealing people’s money by charging them £6 a week for a yearly licence. If there is an APR it has lowered every year, has the fee of £6 stayed the same.

I personally believe there is no APR on this payment method and the BBC are overcharging customers on a weekly payment plan.

D Stockton,

Navigation Road,

Walmgate, York