LETTER: Stick to your principles on the EU, Boris

If Boris Johnson refuses to ask Brussels for an extension to our EU membership, his Remainer MP opponents say they will take him to court. I hope he keeps to his promises, something other MPs obviously don’t understand, and allows the law to take its course.

Stick with it Boris, your principles are sacrosanct. If you succumb to this barrage from referendum deniers, we will never leave the EU as we were promised. British decency is still so important.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,


The prospects for unity aren’t good

The internecine squabbles inside the Tory Party are nothing new, nor will they be extinguished simply by the UK remaining a member of the EU.

Even in a post-Boris Tory world, the manner in which the expressed wish of the 17.4 million majority of the electorate was finagled by a pro-EU, anti-Brexit Westminster, will linger and fester in the minds of many. But the Conservatives will not be alone in the possible long-term consequences of this ‘betrayal’.

The Labour Party membership is now dominated by Momentum. Unlike the ERG Tory sub-group, Momentum have achieved a dominant and determining influence in the Labour Party. They have now assumed a definitively Remain stance. Why?

The whole leitmotif of the EU would appear to be at odds with Momentum. And so it was, until the difficulties that Parliament and the Tory Government in particular were having in implementing the referendum result became manifest. Momentum are not pro-EU but they are anti-Tory.

And just as some claim that Boris is ‘purging’ the party of one nation, moderate Tories, Momentum have their own similar agenda: trying to deselect MPs who do not agree with their vision of a return to more State control. At some point, that vision will come into conflict with the EU’s own agenda.

When the next General Election comes, the possibility that no party will receive an overall majority is highly likely. Given the history of UK coalition governments, the prospects are not propitious.

M Glover,

Lindsey Avenue, York

I’m dreaming of happy days to come...

I’m sick and tired of Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, what happened to good local news about York? asks DM Deamer (Letters, September 7).

I am happy to oblige: York City will gain promotion to the football league; York City Knights will win the Challenge Cup; since online shopping was banned retail trade in York is booming, with shops reopening daily; to solve the housing crisis Persimmon are to build 950 luxury properties free of charge; City of York Council aim to reduce rate charges by 30 per cent whilst offering to pay the BBC licence fee for all OAPs; crime in York has dropped to zero; and Christmas Day this (next?) year will be held on January 1 when temperatures are expected to reach 80... happy days are here again.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby