As Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats here in York, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest member, the former Deputy Leader of the York Tories, Paul Healey.

Paul, who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, joins at an exciting time for the York Liberal Democrats, with our recent successes at the Local and European elections.

I am sure that, like Paul, there are many other people out there who feel abandoned by their party. With Boris Johnson’s recent and deplorable antics in Westminster, the Conservative Party have truly shifted to the far right of British politics in their pursuit of a disastrous no deal Brexit, purging long standing and moderate Conservatives on the way.

The same also applies to the Labour Party, as many moderate and pro-European members of the Labour Party will feel let down by their party’s lurch to the far left.

Jeremy Corbyn continues to remain eerily silent on the issue of anti-Semitism and the Labour leadership’s indecisiveness on Brexit shows that they do not support the case for Remain.

Instead, the Liberal Democrats offer a vital and positive alternative to both the Conservative and Labour Parties, championing liberal values and doing everything possible to campaign for Remain.

We will continue to welcome those who would like to see a tolerant, open and inclusive future for our country.

Cllr Anne Hook,

Deputy leader, York Liberal Democrats,

Elm Tree Avenue, Upper Poppleton, York

I didn’t vote for open-toed sandals

FOLLOWING the rise to power of the Lib Dems and Greens in the city council elections it’s obvious that the elections should be run again. After all, it was only a narrow victory and when you look at the total number of registered voters far more didn’t support their barmy policies than did.

We clearly didn’t have all the facts at our fingertips at the time, such as how it will lead to an explosion of open-toed sandals at council meetings, mung bean nibbles on every table and Ode to Joy, the laughably-misnamed EU anthem, being hummed at the end of every session.

We were also not aware that the new national Lib Dem leader would openly sneer at democracy by saying that even if a second referendum voted Leave she would still ignore it. Well, the citizens of York don’t want a council run by members who have such open contempt for public opinion so in view of all this new information it should go back to the people for a second vote. Sound familiar?

Peter Flanagan,

Holly Tree Garth,

Stockton-on-the-Forest, York