A CLIFTON-based charity is looking to reduce the risk of people developing mental health problems.

York Mind, a mental health charity, has created the 'Staying OK' project to protect the mental health of people who describe themselves as well.

The project provides free guided learning groups and one-to-one coaching, through which participants can develop awareness and skills to prevent stressful events having a negative impact on their mental health.

The weekly groups held in Clifton Moor will help people learn effective ways to manage stress and develop robust wellbeing strategies. The groups will also include developing assertiveness skills, as well as approaches to help people to adapt to and manage change and uncertainty in life.

Hazel Burton, group facilitator and project co-ordinator, said: "The main emphasis of the Staying OK project is preventative in that it is targeting people who are not currently struggling with their mental health, but may be at risk in the future.

"Usually the people that access services at York Mind are having difficulties with their mental health. We're hoping to work with people at risk before their mental health becomes a problem."

The first group is on Thursday, September 19, at 1pm and will be held at Clifton Moor Church and Community Centre. The group events are open to anyone.