A VAST sum of money has been spent on the new cyclist and pedestrian bridge over the Ouse next to the Scarborough railway bridge. The new bridge is more accessible and does appear to be better in every way. But is it?

I’m starting to wish that the old one had been kept. A barrier is put in place at 10.30pm preventing access from the railway station directly onto the bridge, apparently due to ‘safety issues’.

Working part-time in Scarborough my train back to York arrives at 10.32pm. This means a detour along Station Road, left onto Station Rise, onto Leeman Road, along the quiet lane next to the postal sorting office and then back onto the bridge about 10 yards beyond where the direct access from the station is blocked off.

On a recent Saturday night my detour meant encountering hordes of drunks heading to the railway station and then the quiet and hidden little lane by the sorting office - the perfect place for a would-be mugger to lie in wait.

I certainly would not recommend the detour to a lone female. Direct access from the station is far safer.

Dale Edwards,

Newborough Street,York