CARERS’ quality of life in York has dropped significantly during the past two years, according to a report.

There are more than 19,000 carers living in the city - who may not think of themselves as carers but regularly give up their time to look after loved ones.

City of York Council says it is “concerning” that a recent survey found that carers’ quality of life has significantly reduced - with many saying they feel isolated, sleep deprived and stressed.

And an increasing number said their caring duties meant they could not hold down a job.

A report prepared for a health meeting says: “In light of the above findings it is clear York needs to take action to prevent the quality of life of its carers from diminishing further.

“Carers in York are largely supporting people with multiple health issues, whilst not experiencing particularly good health themselves.

“Carers in York are spending increasingly longer amounts of time engaged in caring.

“At least one in four carers in York provides care on a constant basis, a far higher proportion than two years ago.”

A meeting of the health and wellbeing board will look at a five-year plan to improve carers’ lives in the city - with the aim of giving them support, providing more opportunities for them to take a break and socialise, and enabling them to have a say in discussions with professionals like doctors.

People also enjoy being able to spend time with other carers in a similar situation, according to the report: “Feedback from these conversations has provided a valuable picture of what matters most to carers in York.

“It was clear from the focus groups that carers do not see themselves as carers but as lifelong partners, sons, daughters, siblings, neighbours and friends.

“People do not resent being carers, but the commitment and social isolation can be overwhelming at times.”

And there was positive feedback about the support services that are available - including an increasing number of people working with York Carers’ Centre.

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The meeting takes place on Wednesday at West Offices at 4.30pm.