AN APP devised by a York company to reduce the risks of working alone is being launched in America this week.

Vismo will showcase its new app-based Lone Worker Safety Solution at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) exhibition in Chicago.

It is one of the security industry's largest events, with more than 22,000 attendees expected from more than 110 countries.

The Vismo App includes a panic button which, when activated, sends an instant alert to administration teams, notifying them of a user’s location. The app also makes workforce management easier, thanks to its timed check-in and check-out function, which is key to the solution.

The solution reduces the risks associated with working alone and without constant communication between lone workers and their team.

The launch marks Vismo’s eighth consecutive attendance as an exhibitor.

Colin Dale, VP business development, Vismo, said: “Vismo is committed to constantly improving user security and over the past year has integrated the latest technology to provide enhancements to our products and user experience."

Check-ins can be tailored to individuals or job roles. Employees can choose the relevant action, along with an optional time frame to complete the task at hand. That information, confirming the user’s location and relevant check-in action, is sent to a secure Vismo portal.

Should the time frame expire, or not be deactivated by the lone worker upon, for example, the completion of a task, an alert is automatically sent to an administration team. The team will then be in contact and provide assistance if necessary.

“Although lone workers can use the app’s panic button there may be incidents when they are unable to do so,” says Dale. “That’s when the Vismo Lone Worker Safety Solution really comes into its own.”