I refer to Friday’s debacle on the A64 westbound (A64 delays after lorry overturns, August 31).

Why was traffic allowed to continually access the A64 west of the A1237 junction without being advised of the closure at Tadcaster? I left Huby at 10.30am and met the traffic jam almost instantly on joining the A64, along with other motorists.

There were no signs, barriers or police presence to advise anyone.

The traffic moved slowly towards the Bilborough junction, so I assumed that it was a minor hiatus. Once beyond that point there was no return.

It took almost three hours to reach the M1 after being diverted through Tadcaster, by which time the road had apparently been reopened.

It was galling to find out that the closure had been on since the early hours.

There must have been more than 2,000 vehicles in the queue all spewing their emissions continuously for up to 6/7 hours.

In earlier times we would have seen police redirecting traffic.

The only police car I saw was an unmarked BMW pursuing a speeding car on the eastbound carriageway.

The cost to me was some £600 and a missed week’s holiday.

Can I reclaim from Highways Yorkshire or the police? I suspect they don’t care.

John Micklethwaite,

Huby, North Yorkshire