PLANS to cut carbon emissions could include encouraging local food production, reducing food miles, street lighting, trams and retrofitting insulation.

The first meeting of City of York Council’s climate change committee will look at different ideas to meet the city’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

And a report says this may include cutting carbon emissions from street lighting and the energy used in public buildings, as well as transport and new developments.

In March the council declared a climate emergency in response to a motion put forward by Green councillor Denise Craghill.

The local authority set itself a target to become net carbon neutral by 2030, which was agreed almost unanimously.

And the newly elected Lib Dem and Green Party coalition leading the council created a special committee to work towards meeting this goal.

A report prepared for the first meeting of the committee says its first steps will include compiling data about the city’s current CO2 emissions.

It says: “This data must include transport, electricity use and generation, heating, food production/ waste, outsourced CO2 production (through trade and investments).”

The council will then look at getting software to manage the different actions it will take to reduce carbon emissions.

The report adds: “Along with identifying all current policies and strategies relating to climate change adopted by City of York Council, the climate committee will review how effectively these policies and strategies have been implemented and how their performance has been monitored, with a view to proposing changes to improve effectiveness where necessary.”

And the council will look at ways to improve energy use in its own buildings, reduce food miles by growing more produce nearby, making transport more environmentally-friendly and retrofitting insulation in buildings.

Speaking about the climate emergency at an executive meeting last week, Andrea Dudding from union Unison, pointed out that there are only two council premises with central recycling - West Offices and Hazel Court household recycling centre.