Matt Rylatt (Letters, September 2) highlighted the perils of cars closely overtaking cyclists. Those riding a bicycle may need space to deviate around road imperfections and other unexpected hazards.

The national organisation, Cycling UK, highlighted this risk a few years ago, and initiated an anti-close pass campaign. We expect the Highway Code to eventually recommend a 1.5 metre overtaking clearance. Some UK police forces have already run proactive enforcement campaigns, involving a plain-clothed police officer on a bike.

AP Cox (Letters, September 2) highlighted his concerns about possible daytime shared use of High Petergate. He referred to “footstreets” and assumes that these are always the sole preserve of pedestrians.

Properly known as ‘Vehicle Restricted Areas’ (VRAs) these streets can be accessed by selected vehicles, should a Local Authority wish.

They always remain pedestrian priority. A 2006 survey noted more than 30 Local Authorities who then permitted daytime cycling via selected streets, within a VRA. Department for Transport technical guidance highlights streetscape design methods to suggest a principle cycle route, without invoking territorial attitudes between users.

Paul Hepworth,

Windmill Rise,

Holgate, York