We are just weeks into his premiership and already it looks as though Boris Johnson is going back on his pledge to tackle social care urgently.

Some 1.4m people currently living without the care they need had hoped that Mr Johnson would be different. But, after promising to tackle the social care crisis ‘once and for all’, he has just indicated that no progress will be made until at least the end of the year, as the Government seeks consensus on the way forward.

Consensus is all well and good, but we need to see action. Mr Johnson is supporting health, education, law and order, the high street and the TV licence for over-75s. But once again, social care seems to have been pushed down the order.

Angela Merkel set Mr Johnson a 30-day deadline to solve Brexit. Well, we should set him the same to solve the social care crisis.

When the odds were stacked against us in the latest Ashes test match, England showed that they could achieve what looked impossible. It shouldn’t be impossible to solve the social crisis quicker than currently proposed.

Mike Padgham,

Chair, Independent Care Group,

Eastway, Eastfield, Scarborough

Just what does the MP for York Outer do?

I wonder how many of Julian Sturdy’s constituents have looked at the parliamentary website which shows how he has voted on the Brexit motions. He has consistently voted against all motions insisting we leave the EU with a deal. He supported the election of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

He doesn’t hold public meetings to put forward his point of view and listen to his constituents’ points of view. His facebook page is years out of date. Just what does he do to justify his position as MP for York Outer?

I just hope that at the next election his constituents consider more carefully who will represent them. Outer York with Julian Sturdy as Member of Parliament is a borough badly in need of reform.

Ruth Davies,

Lucombe Way, New Earswick, York